Episode 7

Valentine! from Beyond the Veil


February 19th, 2019

42 mins 40 secs

Season 1

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About this Episode

Bienvenue, you beautiful beasties!

We here at Pulp! made you a very special Valentine this year. Yes, it seems love is in the air, and the coming spring will bring untold possibilities. This episode is, at its core, a bit of a departure from the usual Pulp! fare. Think of it as being less, "Tales from the Crypt," and more, "The Twilight Zone." We'll be returning to our standard horror format in the next episode.

This episode includes the following:

THROUGH THE WRINGER: written by Gustav Grift
Performed by Devan Marques, Christopher MacLean, and Cody Sullivan

LET THE RECORD SHOW: written by C.A. Sullivan
Performed by Zachary and Chelsey Richardson, Mo Worth, Dominick Warncke, Chris Goulet, and Cody Sullivan

Sponsor for the episode is:
GUZZMA'S HATE POTION NO. 10: written by C.A. Sullivan
Performed by Dominick Warncke and Cody Sullivan

Special Musical Guest, The PIlgrims.
Treap Chick
I Miss My Wife
from the Album, No Focus, available on Spotify

Additional music and editing by Cody Sullivan and Chris Goulet
Special thanks to Pulp! Co-Producer Zachary Husband

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runtime is 42 minutes, 33 seconds

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