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Horror and Sci-Fi submissions for your approval.

About the show

The mission here at Pulp! is to provide original, quality content for your express entertainment purposes. What's more, we pledge to always be in contact with our listeners, accepting submissions and suggestions on how best to promote the program and help it grow.

This podcast serves as an homage, a relic of a memory, to those rough pulp sci-fi and horror magazines of yesteryear, and thus we strive to bring you unique--and sometimes unexpected--content.

If you want to help support our program, you can make a donation or pledge at our Patreon page. We'd certainly appreciate it!

Let us know what you think! We can be reached at pulpfrombeyond@gmail.com, or using our built-in contact page on our website, www.pulpfrombeyond.com.

Thank you, and stay spooky!

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  • Priory

    May 30th, 2023  |  Season 2  |  38 mins 57 secs
    bizarre, fiction, horror, occult, podcast, scifi

    Pulp! from Beyond the Veil returns with episode three of season two!

  • Dirty Deggie

    March 27th, 2022  |  Season 2  |  40 mins 11 secs
    bizarre, cody sullivan, fiction, horror, james reed, occult, podcast, scifi, steffi diem

    A pair of strangers strike up a dismal conversation over a 1000 year old whiskey. A man gets much more than a toy for his daughter at a New England yard sale.